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George’s Shoes and Repair Price List


Saving soles since 1905  
More than just shoes...
Gearge's Shoe & Repair
Women's Shoes & Boots
Shine or Clean $7.00-$35.00
Heels $10.75-$32.75
Half-Soles $35.75-$45.00
Toe Pieces $19.75-$26.75
Thin Sole Protector (Sole Saver) $24.75
Thin Sole Protector w/Toe Buildup $33.75
New Zipper Slides $15.75-$24.75
Reglue Soles or Heels $9.75-$29.75
Attach Heel Blocks $20.00 ea
New Shank/Brace $25.00 ea
Expand Calves of Boots $80.00 and up
Take in Calves of Boots $80.00 and up
Seam, Elastic, Buckle, Velcro, Snaps & Rivet Repair by Estimat <$9.75 and up

Men's Shoes & Boots
Shine or Clean $7.00-$35.00
Heels $24.75-$32.75
Half-Soles $39.75-$45.75
1⁄2 Sole & Rubber Heels $64.75
1⁄2 Sole & Combo Heels $67.75
Thin Sole Protector (Sole Saver) $24.75
Full Sole Leather w/ Rubber Heels $89.75
Full Sole Leather w/ Combo Heels $92.75
Full Sole Santoni Custom $99.75
Full Sole Vibram or Crepe $68.00-$95.00
Tassel Repair $9.75-$45.00
Reglue Soles or Heels $9.75-$55.00
Seam, Elastic, Buckle, Velcro, Snaps & Rivet Repair by Estimate $9.75 and up
Custom Orthotic Buildups for Heels or Full Sole prices vary
Custom Orthotic Buildups for Heels or Full Sole prices vary

Call us for an estimate today!

Jackets, Purses, Bags
& Misc. Leather Repair
New Zipper Slides $15.75-$24.75
Zippers $35.00-$65.00
Refinish Black Bags $35.00-$65.00
Patch Work $19.75 and up
New Strap prices vary
Shorten Straps $10.75 and up
Hardware prices vary
Clean & Condition prices vary

Birkenstock Repairs
Heels $28.75 pair Authorized Birkenstock Repair
Soles $45.00-$55.00 pair
Rebuild $75.00-$95.00 pair
(New footbed, insole & sole. Mark size of shoe)

UGG Repairs
Cleaning $35.00 and up Authorized Birkenstock Repair
Patch $12.75 and up
Stitch $8.75 and up
(Replacement insoles available)

We can also repair Belts, Luggage, Ball Gloves,
Guitar Cases and a whole lot more...

NOTE: The prices given are a range and
may vary based upon inspection

FREE Shoeshine with any
repair of $30.00 or more!

Please include customer name and phone number so we may contact with questions and a price for the repair.
Thank you!
We truly appreciate your business.
Ron, Luke & Melissa George
Gearge's Shoe & Repair
3673 Lexington Ave N
Arden Hills, MN 55126
651.636.1312    •    800.298.9896
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All repairs are guaranteed.

Unless noted.
If you are not satisfied, please call within 30 days,
we will gladly rework any problems.
The only cost to you is return shipping!

Shipping Address:

Georges Shoe Store
3673 Lexington Avenue North
Arden Hills, MN 55126

World Class Hockey Equipment Repair

Aside from having the best repair we also pride ourselves in carrying the best selection of quality shoes, including:

Allen Edmonds – all made in the USA
Minnetonka Moccasins
Neil M – all made in the USA
New Balance – some made in the USA
Smartwool Socks
Tauer & Johnson – made to order shoes
* we are able to special order shoes from most of our vendors*

We also carry a wide variety of shoe and foot care products, including:

Do it yourself tools
Wallets, coin purses and leather goods – some made in the USA
Shoe trees
Shine boxes and Kits
Shoe horns and much more!

We are always looking for new products and add them to our site to provide nothing but the best for our customers.