Shine Boxes and Memory Boxes

Shoe care and repair are our dual passions, but we’ll admit to having a serious soft spot for these babies.

We’ve been handcrafting solid wood shine boxes for decades and selling them to customers all over the world. These sturdy boxes were designed to safely store shoe products and provide an easy platform for buffing and shining, but turns out that’s not all they’re good for. Many customers buy and use them to store keepsakes and valuables. We can hardly blame them: a box this beautiful is begging to be filled with cherished memories. (But if you want to keep an oil sponge and suede brush in yours, that’s just fine, too.)

  • All of our handmade shine boxes are proudly made in the USA!
  • All hinged boxes have 90 degree stop in the hinge to support the lid and keep it open.
  • Figures and variances in the hardwoods we use make each box completely unique.
  • Our shine boxes are constructed of solid wood, which ages naturally over time, providing a lovely distressed finish.

Skilled craftsmen work on these deluxe shine boxes in our full wood shop, using durable hardwoods and superior hardware. Cheaper versions using stained, lower-quality wood pale in comparison to our handmade heirlooms.

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made_in_usa_flag_3** Please note that since our boxes are all handmade from real wood there may be knots, gaps, minor marks, and variations in wood color. These are mainly natural characteristics of wood but may also occur in the process of construction and assembly. (Think of them as freckles or beauty marks that give your shine box it’s sparkling personality.)

Curious about the people who make these gorgeous boxes?
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