Prepaid Shipping Label


Getting your shoes repaired by George's Shoes is really simple. Details below!

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Step 1: Get a shipping label and repair form.

Add this product to your cart (it’s free!), along with whatever else you need, and check out. We’ll review your order and send you a shipping label you can use to ship your shoes. You can download a copy of our repair form below, but we’ll also send it to you via email just in case.

Download our repair form

Step 2: Prepare and send your shoes.

Once you get the label in your email, print it out, affix to a box with your shoes* and repair form inside, and send away! We’ll give you a call once we get them to give you an estimate.

Step 3: Get your shoes!

You can typically expect to get your shoes back within two weeks or less**.

*Please limit your shoe package to four (4) pairs of shoes. If you have more to send, please request another label on a separate order. Thanks!

**During busier seasons, such as near the holidays, this timeframe may vary slightly. Please ask us for a more specific return time when we speak over the phone. Alternately, you can call anytime to check the status of your shoes.


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